Saturday, 8 October 2011

What A difference A Day Makes

After being so very confused by blogs I am finally jumping on the band wagon and adding my 2 cents to the web world. I'll start off simple and just introduce myself-probably best!

I'm a recent DMU (Leicester) graduate from Contour Fashion and after finally completing my degree I am excited and intrigued by the world which awaits. I love latex and the shiny happiness it provides -while keeping on the more fashion side of design, rather than gimp masks and the more 'hard core' style. Unfortunately for the regular fabrics, the latex has overtaken a bit - but I still put my hand to using these in lingerie and corsetry and the outcomes are still as exciting.

I try to enjoy life as much as possible and try to find the positives in everything that happens - not so easy sometimes but there are not many people who like to listen to you complain about how worse off you are than anyone else (unless they're being paid and you're lying on a couch!)

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