Thursday, 15 March 2012

Models of Diversity Catwalk, Here I Come!

After 'accidentally' getting into modelling this and that as a disabled person, I was contacted by Angel Sinclair of Models Of Diversity to ask whether I would be interested in being part of their catwalk at Earl's Court in London on Saturday 17th March - how on earth could I decline that offer?!!

All the guys and girls who were at the rehearsal on Sunday 11th March

The models of diversity blog and website can be found at this address:

There will be more disabled models at the show this Saturday, including Kelly Knox, Jono Lancaster and more. I am so excited to meet everyone!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Introducing ... Miss Eliza DeLite!!

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful and talented friend of mine, Miss Eliza Delite. This girl has been my friend and neighbour for almost 3 years and has been performing as a burlesque dancer for probably the same amount of time (if not more). I know, I know, not another 'burlesque' dancer - but she is the real deal, she has the right to call herself that. She is one of those burlie girls who can dance, look amazingly attractive and draw you in to whatever world she is creating on stage, without you just thinking 'So when do I see the tassles?!'

Photography By Grace Elkin (Find her on Facebook)

She is now part of the The World Burlesque Games 2012 as part of the British Female Crown being held at Bush Hall on May 12th. Their website is here: and you will find Eliza delite on their performers page

Her website is here: Eliza DeLite
and you will find her on facebook here:

She is available for bookings and will travel for shows - you will not be dissapointed!! This is a youtube link to my favourite act of hers: Eliza Delite at ElectroTease Oct 2011

Photography By Grace Elkin (Find her on Facebook)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Seeing Old Work Still Looking Glam!

A couple of years ago I designed and made some outfits for Gatecrasher Birmingham and I had occasionally tried to find pictures of them being worn by the pretty dancers but they seemed to have disappeared. UNTIL NOW!! I recently found pictures of an old work colleague who now works as a dancer for GB sporting one of these outfits. Well, when I say outfit, I mean skimpy leotard - obviously!

These pictures were taken by a photographer working for Gatecrasher Birmingham, which I downloaded from their facebook page - these are not my pictures :)

The outfits being worn by the two blondes were my creations!

I am still able to create dancewear for numerous occasions, just email me via my facebook page - facebook/kittycreme

Long Overdue Pictures from Faye Stevenson Shoot Last Year!!

Model: Faye Stevenson
Photographer: Les Hardwick of Toxic Imaging
MUA/Hair: Diane Dakin

All the links for these people can be found a few posts down :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Onwards and Upwards

This is just a short note about the progress of the 'Beauty Through Damage' photo shoot, put together by the very driven and talented Rei Bennett. Last month she took the first step and created some exciting images. Since then she has worked her tail off contacting various disability groups to try to push the project as hard as possible. Her hard work is now making progress and she has had interest from various groups and online publications including having the following blog introduce her work to their network of followers.

Rei has also been told that her work will be followed by 'Disability Now' online magazine, and the ongoing photo shoots exploring beautiful disabled women will be published for their readers to follow as well.

She is talented and ambitious, and also very friendly and welcoming. Rei is now looking for other physically disabled women to take part in these shoots to really get the message out there that people have so many strengths and qualities and these come in all forms, not just 5'10 and standing!

This is her original inspiration for this project:

Friday, 30 December 2011

Disabled Modelling Must Get Better!

I have recently done a trial run of being a model as I wanted to explore physical disabilities within a modelling environment. I don't mean I want to get people with paralysis into upright positions as if they don't have the paralysis, but I want to explore how people with different abilities can hold their body in interesting and exciting ways. I will be researching into starting up my own lingerie and bodywear business soon and I think it is paramount I use models who have physical disabilities alongside fully able bodied ones - I'm disabled and I don't see enough of 'us' out there!

These pictures show me with my leg brace that I have to wear whenever I leave the house as I have missing ligaments in my knee from being ran over. I can't have surgery until I have a stronger thigh to support the new ligaments, but this is hard to improve as when I was hit it broke one of my main leg nerves - the femural one which goes along the front of the leg. I understand there are people who have to go through more on an everyday basis, but I want to show that just because you have a disability you can have your own personality as well!

I usually walk with crutches but it was amusing to try to balance to get the photo!

And finally I had one taken to show the scars on my right leg - everything on our body tells a story

The photography was a joint venture with photographer Rei Bennett, and you can find her website here:

We are wanting to take this further and Rei and myself would like to invite physically disabled or scarred girls to join us. We are choosing physically disabled or scarred girls as you can see the story they are telling through their body. It could be a scar from surgery or burns, or you could be in a wheelchair or have braces or other limb problems.It doesn't matter, and you don't even have to be a model - I haven't modelled before and Rei made me feel really comfortable.

Before I forget - all of the clothing used in the shoot is by myself  except for the lingerie in the last image (and the leggings were made to fit my uneven legs too, so you don't have to be 'perfect' to have nice clothes! There's no such thing as perfect anyway!)

Helpful Links:

Rei Bennet Facebook Page:

Kitty Creme (my clothing) Facebook Page:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Corsetry and Latex Shoot

Yesterday I took along a mixture of my silk corsetry and latex garments to be shot by photographer Les Hardwick of Toxic Imaging at his studio in Radcliff on Trent,  along with a beautiful model called Faye Stevenson who was around 5'9 without heels! The make-up artist was Diane Dakin and she did a wonderful job on both the hair and make-up and kept on top of the looks for the entire shoot; not letting a hair get out of place and changing the make-up to suit the outfit changes. All in all, a great team!

I wish I'd have got some pictures of the studio - it was part of the Radcliff on Trent's Royal British Legion on Main Road and there were around 4 different rooms set up in different decorations including a traditional studio set up. It was so cute and quirky and still had the original gas pipes set into the floor from ye old days and a bell that would've been operated using wires threaded through the building from the downstairs. The studio rooms were the maid's quarters of the large building and had a kitchen with ample room for hair and make-up and a large cupboard filled with accessories that were open for use in the shoots. Overall it was a great day of shooting and the photographer was friendly and made me feel welcome as soon as we met. Faye posed really well and was open to suggestions on different things to try and captured your eyes immediately. She looked striking - and with a whip in her hand I think she could keep anyone in check!

Although these photos aren't as vibrant as the actual studio ones, they give you an idea of the looks we went for and the people involved:

Model Faye Stevenson and Photographer Les Hardwick

Faye in the silk Bottom Hood Corset

Faye in a latex boned 17th Century inspired corset/bodice

Helpful Links:

Model - Faye Stevenson :, facebook profile

Photographer - Les Hardwick of Toxic Imaging : Toxic Imaging on Model Mayem

MUA - Diane Dakin : facebook profile

Designer - myself, Catriona Stewart / Kitty Creme : facebook profile, modelmayhem profile