Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Corsetry and Latex Shoot

Yesterday I took along a mixture of my silk corsetry and latex garments to be shot by photographer Les Hardwick of Toxic Imaging at his studio in Radcliff on Trent,  along with a beautiful model called Faye Stevenson who was around 5'9 without heels! The make-up artist was Diane Dakin and she did a wonderful job on both the hair and make-up and kept on top of the looks for the entire shoot; not letting a hair get out of place and changing the make-up to suit the outfit changes. All in all, a great team!

I wish I'd have got some pictures of the studio - it was part of the Radcliff on Trent's Royal British Legion on Main Road and there were around 4 different rooms set up in different decorations including a traditional studio set up. It was so cute and quirky and still had the original gas pipes set into the floor from ye old days and a bell that would've been operated using wires threaded through the building from the downstairs. The studio rooms were the maid's quarters of the large building and had a kitchen with ample room for hair and make-up and a large cupboard filled with accessories that were open for use in the shoots. Overall it was a great day of shooting and the photographer was friendly and made me feel welcome as soon as we met. Faye posed really well and was open to suggestions on different things to try and captured your eyes immediately. She looked striking - and with a whip in her hand I think she could keep anyone in check!

Although these photos aren't as vibrant as the actual studio ones, they give you an idea of the looks we went for and the people involved:

Model Faye Stevenson and Photographer Les Hardwick

Faye in the silk Bottom Hood Corset

Faye in a latex boned 17th Century inspired corset/bodice

Helpful Links:

Model - Faye Stevenson : fayestevenson.co.uk, facebook profile

Photographer - Les Hardwick of Toxic Imaging : Toxic Imaging on Model Mayem

MUA - Diane Dakin : facebook profile

Designer - myself, Catriona Stewart / Kitty Creme : facebook profile, modelmayhem profile

Monday, 10 October 2011

Rope Bondage Peer Workshop

On sunday afternoon I thought it would make quite a nice change to the usual tea and biscuits with the family to go to a rope bondage workshop in Birmingham at Exodus (Exodus UK) run by Peer Rope Birmingham (Rope Peer Workshops). It was my first time at one of these events and I went on my own to be able to socialise better with the regulars and find out as much as I could without having the comfort blanket of a friend to turn to.

On arrival I suddenly thought 'what have I let myself in for?!' and to be honest, was a little bit scared. I was introduced to two ladies, Patricia and Katier, and in the time it took to boil the kettle for a cup of tea I felt completely relaxed and the nerves had pretty much disappeared and turned into excitement!

I was shown around the Exodus UK facility and even though some of the rooms weren't really to my taste, they were clean and made up to suit a certain fetish or scenario very well. The rooms included a medical room, jail cell, numerous dungeons with various equipment and a lot more. For someone 'fresh to the scene' like myself, this was a wonderful event to introduce you to the ins and outs of it all. Everyone was really welcoming and not in an over the top manner; they were friendly and helpful and really easy to talk to. I would recommend this event to anyone thinking of finding out more about rope bondage or even if you've done it before - it's quite a social event and you learn from each other as well as being taught by the workshop tutors. There was no full nudity while I was there and most people had all their clothes on, which did help me feel more relaxed, and by the end of it I did wish I'd got there earlier and didn't have to go home so soon!

You can find the Peer Rope Birmingham facebook page here: Peer Rope Birmingham and you have to request to join as it's a closed group.

A bit of fun in the workshop!

Some helpful websites that might be of interest to you :

Birmingham Bazaar - next event on Sunday October 16th in Birmingham, then held on every 3rd Sunday of the month

informedconsent - web site with forums and profiles relating to various fetishes

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Little Introduction To Me As A Designer


Seeing as I would like to introduce you to the world of lingerie and latex and also some of the social scenes behind this, I thought it was only right that I introduce you to my design work. This immediately gives you an insight into my personality, as well as letting you look at some of the things that I do as a designer. The images below are of my final collection from Demontfort University in Leicester and are shot by an amazing photographer called Grace Elkin. She is based in Leicester but will travel for work and does a wide variety of photography, including but not limited to fashion/lingerie, weddings and other events. You can find her facebook page here: Grace Elkin Photography.

Latex leotard with latex 'hobble skirt' paired with a cropped mesh top and plastic shoulder pieces

Latex cutout leggings and longline bra worn with a cropped mesh top
Model Link: Peachzz

Latex knee length dress with underwired cups

Black and cream silk lingerie set with latex stockings

Black and cream lingerie set including strapless bra, full knicker and waspie
Model Link: Peachzz

Historically influenced corset in black and cream silk with attached mesh stockings and a thong

Side view of above corset

Historically influenced boned bodice worn with mesh body suit and full knicker

Saturday, 8 October 2011

What A difference A Day Makes

After being so very confused by blogs I am finally jumping on the band wagon and adding my 2 cents to the web world. I'll start off simple and just introduce myself-probably best!

I'm a recent DMU (Leicester) graduate from Contour Fashion and after finally completing my degree I am excited and intrigued by the world which awaits. I love latex and the shiny happiness it provides -while keeping on the more fashion side of design, rather than gimp masks and the more 'hard core' style. Unfortunately for the regular fabrics, the latex has overtaken a bit - but I still put my hand to using these in lingerie and corsetry and the outcomes are still as exciting.

I try to enjoy life as much as possible and try to find the positives in everything that happens - not so easy sometimes but there are not many people who like to listen to you complain about how worse off you are than anyone else (unless they're being paid and you're lying on a couch!)