Monday, 9 January 2012

Onwards and Upwards

This is just a short note about the progress of the 'Beauty Through Damage' photo shoot, put together by the very driven and talented Rei Bennett. Last month she took the first step and created some exciting images. Since then she has worked her tail off contacting various disability groups to try to push the project as hard as possible. Her hard work is now making progress and she has had interest from various groups and online publications including having the following blog introduce her work to their network of followers.

Rei has also been told that her work will be followed by 'Disability Now' online magazine, and the ongoing photo shoots exploring beautiful disabled women will be published for their readers to follow as well.

She is talented and ambitious, and also very friendly and welcoming. Rei is now looking for other physically disabled women to take part in these shoots to really get the message out there that people have so many strengths and qualities and these come in all forms, not just 5'10 and standing!

This is her original inspiration for this project:

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